Shawn Marcus is a burned-out film director stuck in Cleveland, desperate to create his final movie masterpiece, and at last, gain fame and fortune in Hollywood's film industry. After several failed attempts to secure financing with different film studios, Shawn ends up finding help from a powerful organized crime family to get the money he needs to begin filming. Once he gets his money from the mob, Shawn begins production by hiring five unorthodox producers to help him make "Overlook," a sequel to "The Untouchables" based on the famous lawman Eliot Ness and his failed investigation into the Torso Killer. Set in present day, the last Ness descendant is forced to finish the investigation Eliot started in order to save her own life.

During the process of filming "Overlook" the producers quickly begin fighting with Shawn and sabotaging each other to gain control over the project. While the group struggles to settle their conflicts, a string of murders happen that eerily resemble scenes from "Overlook." After the group realizes that someone is reenacting the murder scenes from their movie, the producers, along with the police, believe a copycat Torso Killer is on the loose in Cleveland and might be stalking the film crew. Not only does Shawn Marcus have to take control of his producers, but also pay off the mob, keep the cops' investigation from shutting down his production, ensure his movie becomes a hit, and keep from becoming the Torso Killer's next victim, or he'll end up losing more than just his career. Project: Overlook, the new multidimensional drama, where what you don't know can get you killed.

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